Registration Agreement

Idaho Gun Talk Rules
(we consider this the first warning and enforcement may come with no second warning)

1. Diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discourse about guns and shooting is what this forum is all about; but by the same token personal attacks that are vengful, vindictive flaming, baiting and vendettas will not be tolerated.  Remember, sarcasm and humor are often used to make a point, but we need to be mindful of how different perceptions can lead to an unintended reality.  That said, humor and candor is what this site was created to embrace, and good natured ribbing and some forms of off-color language will be permitted in so far as it does not get out of hand.

2.  As the things you post are your thoughts and views, people wil take them at face value.  So it is important to make sure that what you write is what you mean, and can back it up if you get called on it.  It is OK to challenge other people's points of view and opinions, but remember that communication is a two-way street and very few people get into arguments with themselves.  As a word to the wise, thick skin and nomex garments may be required if you are the type that has strong views and feels compelled to express them openly.  However, any member who threatens harm to anyone on the forum, via PM, instant messengers, or email, will be banned immediately without notice.  We will not tolerate violence or the threat of it.

3. Inappropriate content will be removed without notice. Do not post any messages that are racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate of any laws. Please use good judgment when choosing user names, avatars, or images to post .

4. Register using only one user name, and do not "flood" the board with posts that are off-topic. Creating multiple user accounts or flooding the board will be considered a denial-of-service attack on the forums and will result in your being banned.

5. Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Pick the most relevant forum for your post. If you are unsure, put it in the Coffee Shop, say you were not sure where it belonged, and someone will move it to the proper forum for you.

6. This site is not for discussion of one's faith as we feel that is a private matter best left for face to face conversations. That said, it is OK to acknowledge and pay homage to John Moses Browning's divinity.

7. Political talks and discussion need to stay in the political forum. Posts on the 2nd Amendment and our Gun Rights also have their board... Please keep them there.

8. No all-caps array(FOR EXAMPLE, LIKE THIS) please. It is extremely hard to read. Posts submitted in all-caps will be deleted automatically.

9. If you own a business that sells a product, the only place for you to discuss that is the Commercial Area, with a paid donation to the board (all donations will go to the overhead cost of the board, and to the Junior Shooters Fund) This means no self promotion. Do not offer goods or services as reply's to threads or by starting threads outside of your commercial area.

10. No Commercial postings by any business without first subscribing to the site's rules regarding Commercial Sales. Any business found violating this will be removed along with any and all posts.

11. Enforcement of the Rules may happen without warning. If your post is edited, deleted or modified by a Moderator you may inquire to the admin if the reason is not completely clear. Do this by Private Messaging J Mack.

And in the legendary words of one of IGT's founding members:  Welcome!  A great group of people here.  Hope to see you at the range sometime!