Author Topic: 2,000 yards with factory ammo!  (Read 1388 times)

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2,000 yards with factory ammo!
« on: July 13, 2013, 12:46:48 PM »

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Thought I'd share this.

At the last Mile match I did ok at 2,000 yards with factory ammo.
Went 2 of 5
First time I've tried 2k with factory.

I was using Black Hills .300WinMag with 190gr SMK I bought at Cabelas for $41 per box.

I needed 90moa up from my 100 yard zero
(my 208AMAX hand load needs 87moa up with the same atmospherics, so not much diff)

also FYI shooting mega long range does not have to be expensive
The rig I shot this with was:

Rem700 ADL in .300WinMag ~$350
EGW 30moa rail ~ $50
Super Sniper 16x fixed power scope ~ $300
Burris Tactical rings ~ $60
Harris bi-pod ~ $100

I do run a YHM supressor, but I switch the supressor between several rifles.
How much is that in Mils? - JMack
March 2, 2013

It's completely legal.   The only problem is that it puts you into FR Class (Full Retard), and you might be the only one in the entire country running FR.   Of course, it would set you up for 1st Place in your class, everytime you shoot. 
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Re: 2,000 yards with factory ammo!
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Thanks for sharing this.  It is helpful to hear what people are running in various situations.  2k is probably pretty normal for a $2500-$3500 setup, but it makes us guys with limited budgets think that there is hope.

Re: 2,000 yards with factory ammo!
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I was just looking at brakes and wondering if I shouldn't just save for a suppressor instead.  Nice to know I could potentially get out there with the rifle I have now....although, not the current scope.
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