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3 Gun Rifle practice
« on: October 19, 2013, 08:58:05 PM »

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There was a Precision Rifle practice session this morning at the range, feeling the need to dial in my long range game with my rifle, I thought this was a great opportunity to do it.

The precision rifle guys like to use smaller targets that 3 gun rifle targets, so not only did I get to get some good dope, and practice, but the targets were SMALL.

We had targets from 100yd to 720 yards setup up. the largest target was a 1/2 silhouette at the 550 berm, most targets were small poppers, or 8" and 6" targets, and one like 4" target at 550. The 720 target was maybe a 12"

I'm used to shooting larger targets so this was a great way to really dial in the dope.

I took my time and verified my zero at 200, 3 shot's on steel, just a little on the right side. (12" plate)

300m was another 12" plate... 3 more shots tickling the right edge, so I brought it back to the left to center it up, but the dope was good. At this point I was dialing the dope on the scope and not using holdovers.

400m was a 8" round gong... about the size of a MGM flash... had to adjust the dope a little to get on target, but once it was there, and I trued my data to it, life was good.

500m was a 1/2 silhouette and the dope was good. I tried the small plate but my dot was covering it and made it hard to hold a little left or right. :-(

650yd was another 12" plate, dope was good and I could hit it.

720yd was a 12" diamond plate... dope was good there too, but with a 4x scope, 650 and 720 are getting to be the limits of what I can see thru that thing.

With some good dope gathered, I then zeroed the turrents and went to working the holdovers... finding what works the best for speed in transitions. This took a little time, but I figure out my holds out to 650, and could hit the targets pretty consistently walking them out and back with just the hold overs.

Next, I switch over to the jungle gym that we built at the range... Loaded up a couple of 20mags in the coupler, and proceeded to work my way out from 200 to 500m from standing position and using the top bar as a rest...

(I will interupt my story here to say that all shooting was done prone with a double 20 or double 30 and no bipod or other support, I was going for what it would be like shooting a 3gun match)

So back on the jungle gym... did a couple of drills on the tires... 2 thru each tire, working my way down. I works the jungle gym for about 6 reloads of 2 on each from 200/300/400/500 and a couple pot shots at 650, but that was pushing it with an upright leaning position.

It was a good long range day with the AR and my 75gr bullets... if Parma has another one of these Precision Rifle practice sessions, it's a great place to come out and dial in your dope and get some good practice with your rifle... no score is kept, and the shooting is whatever you want, you just get the advantage of having steel setup every 100yds and great company while at the the range.

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