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Trigger review... JP
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:46:31 AM »

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With all this talk about triggers, I thought I would just share my latest...

I've been running a Geissele S3G trigger for the last 2 years, it came on my Stag 3G and was an amazing upgrade over my RRA 2 stage that I have in my patrol rifle. That trigger was smooth... and very fast, and I enjoyed it a lot, but over time, especially at the Parma matches and the Nampa Vietnam match, I was finding that long range shooting (200 yds and beyond) with the Geissele was challenging. The long take up that rolls off to the break, with no noticable stacking, while fast for up close, was hard to break for long range shooting.

So, I sold by S3G (actually traded) and got a JP EZ trigger... this is a single stage trigger and it is adjustable.

Time will tell if the screws walk and change, they are loctited in there, and I let them setup before I started playing with it. My initial thoughts at the house after installing it were great... zero take up, put your finger on the trigger and then snap... it breaks... very clean, crisp and very short. The reset is just as good, very little reset motion, and your back in business.

I dumped 60 rounds thru it last Sat to make sure it all functioned and to get a feel of it with real rounds. Right now I am impressed, I really like the single stage feel, the crisp break, and zero take up, and I don't feel like I've lost any speed doing double's.

I installed the red spring, which is the heavier spring, I was thinking about getting the yellow and dropping in there, and time will tell, I've heard that for 3 gunning, the red is preferred.

Now the real challenge... keep the finger off the bang switch until target is ready to be engaged... or I just might get a DQ  :o
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