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Arnold Ammo powder charge
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I wanted to share the information I found in regard to the question I posed several weeks ago on the 27.5 gr of powder and what it was. The lot I have is CFE 223 and a 55gr Hornady FMJ bullet, it shot quite well, better than any factory ammo I tried so far. Now that I know this I can hit the bench and fine tune this load as I have a few pounds of this powder. Their were several of you that responded with concerns of the amount of powder used and the safety, now that I know it was CFE 223 this makes it not quite a max load. I contacted Jim from Arnold AMMO who has since stopped production and asked him about the lot number and he was kind enough to share this information. I checked my CFE powder and it looked identical.
I had a great time shooting at the 3 gun March match and special thanks to Ja for being a gracious tutor, I look forward to shooting this game again, although on a few stages I was so out of breath I could barley shoot my rifle straight.
                                                       Thanks again,  Jim.