Author Topic: ISPS April 2-3 Hi-cap / Lo-cap B2B match  (Read 1068 times)

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ISPS April 2-3 Hi-cap / Lo-cap B2B match
« on: March 03, 2016, 08:41:58 PM »

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ISPS, Hawktech Arms, and Leatherhead are happy to bring you the 2016 Hi-cap / Low-cap USPSA Match April 2 and 3, 2016!

On Saturday April 2 we will be hosting a 9 stage match for only the high capacity USPSA divisions of Open, Limited, and hopefully the debut of Pistol Caliber Carbine!

On Sunday April 3 we will shoot the same stages with only the low-capacity divisions of Production, Single Stack, L-10, and Revolver. Each match will conclude at the end of each day with a trophy-only awards ceremony for the winner of each division, sponsored by Dan at HawkTech Arms.  Dave of Leatherhead Bullets will also be contributing to the prize table.  Please thank your sponsors when you see them!

We will do registration for each day the morning of the match, starting around 0730 with a shooter's meeting and breaking into squads shortly thereafter.

Match setup will be on Friday April 1 starting around noon, and tear down will be after the match on Sunday April 3.  Please let me know if you can assist with setup.  Match fee for the setup crew will be discounted. 

Match fee will be $20/match. More info as it becomes available.
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Re: ISPS April 2-3 Hi-cap / Lo-cap B2B match
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I'll be there Friday for setup.
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