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Inland Empire sectional june 19, benton city wa
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this is the same range where the 2014 Area 1 match was held. I shot their regular monthly match last weekend and thought the stages were creative and interesting and fun and a little different from what we normally see. Benton city is about 4.5 hrs normal driving time from boise, and the range is 9 miles downstream of benton city. There is an RV park and campground in benton city right on the yakima river where I have stayed before that was quite pleasant.

Match fee is only $50, which is pretty reasonable for an 8-stage (+chrono and classifier) match where someone else does all the work. There are definitely some quality shooters out there, so expect some heat. Also, it's freakin june, so expect some heat. I haven't registered yet, but probably will this week.
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Re: Inland Empire sectional june 19, benton city wa
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I'm in, the tri-cities crew puts on a good match.
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