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PRSID season opener results
« on: March 29, 2016, 02:49:35 PM »

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Hey guys. We had a great match this last weekend. We had close to 60 shooters and awesome weather. What more could you ask for!!?? Not one target failure thanks to our large assortment of MGM targets. Congrats to Thane Beckstead for taking first place and the first place trophy. Couldent of been a nicer guy to take home the gold.

We hope to see more of you guys at our next match, and make it even better. Thanks again to everyone for making our matches so much fun.

Re: PRSID season opener results
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Strong work!

Re: PRSID season opener results
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Thanks for a good shoot, this was our first time coming to one of these matches.  I had three Junior Shooters with me who are getting into PRS and will be shooting the Hide Cup in June.  Any help you guys can give these kids is more than appreciated. 

Thanks to Ron Shackle and Travis Gibson for being supportive and helping the kids through their first match!

We will see you again in April.