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PRSID Varmint Derby
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:37:45 AM »

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This Varmint derby will be a total of 28hrs long. We will meet on
Saturday 9/30/2017 afternoon at 2pm in the parking lot BEHIND The Shooters
Bench store on Fairview at 1:30 on the 30th. We will start the
derby at 2pm but I will be there taking signups and fees till 2:30
just in case. You can either be a 1 or 2 man team. Enrty fee is
$25 per person, with additional side pots costing $5 each entry.
Side pots will be (heaviest coyote, lightest coyote, heaviest
badger, and lightest badger) winner of the side pot takes 100% of
that pot... Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall
winners.. You will have a total of 28hrs of hunting time. We will
all meet back at Shooters Bench on Fairview at 6PM Sunday 10/1/2017. Please
do not be late coming back. Thank you.
Rules are as follows!!!!!
This derby will be a points based event. The individual or 2man
team with the most points is the winner. Points are awarded when
varmints are brought back and inspected before or at 6pm on Sunday
Oct 1st. Nobody will be there till 5ish..
Point scale:
Coyote - 10pts
Badger - 5pts
Bunny - 1pt
All point ties will be decided by the winner having the heavier
Disqualifications: Shooting anything other than what is on the
points list above in its natural wild environment. Meaning, you
cant raise coyotes, bunnies, or badgers in a kennel in your back
yard and then go shoot them just to win. If you do that and you
are caught, then you will be disqualified. if you do that and you
are not caught, then you just suck as a person.
Other than these few rules, it is an open game! Any rifle, any
optic, any state, any call, and any decoy..

EDIT: no aircraft allowed