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My Live Fire practice night...
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:38:16 AM »

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Had some extra time yesterday between my last meeting and the parma board meeting, so I pulled out some paper and steel and set about eating up 150 rounds of 223.

Just for the record, it's Stag 3G, Vortex PST 1-4, with Thunder Comp, and Geissle S3G trigger..

I set a double paper target at 25yds, 2 small auto poppers as 100m, MGM flash at 200m, and 300m.

BTW, informational note, I didn't put the flags on the flash targets just set them up with the steel... don't do that... without the flash card, it's really hard to see your hit's on the steel. Who knew  :o

I started with my 55gr loads, and did some low ready to on target double taps with the timer. Did that for an entire mag. Just snapping the rifle up to the target at 25yd and banging it twice. This gave me a lot more confidence in the rifle, comp setup... the group size was in the A zone, for 30 rounds, basically, if my scope is on target in the center of the target, if I hammer it twice, I get two hits in the A zone... perfect.

Then I went to some drills from two on paper, hit the Switchview and one on each at 100m. all off hand.. this took some doing... making the switchview change, is worth practicing, then taking a second to settle the sights and hit the 100m auto poppers. This one needs some work, but gave me much more conficence at the 100m targets off hand.

Next up was rifle on the bench, at buzzer grab rifle, and hit the 100m poppers with 1 each... offhand.  (100m on the bench is a no brainer, so why practice it) I was running around 2.7, got a 1.9 in there with some luck, but you do this drill for a few rep's and your arm get's tired... need to do more shooting.

Next up, switch to the 62 gr, and start with the 200m and 300m targets... the drill at 200 was to hit the steel 2x as fast as I can. I did this from the bench with a single mag instead of my usual double mag for bench or supported shooting. I found the single mad is actually quite stable, and the support of the double mag setup while nice, isn't really needed.

Took me a few reps to get the feel for the timing at 200m trying to hit the target 2x on the 10" target ( I think the MGM flash is 10" ) once I got the feel for it, it wasn't too bad.

It was getting dark, and I hadn't painted the steel, so the 300m was too dim, try as I might, it was not happening.

Finished up with some 25, 100, 200 transitions. Good practice on the rifle, which I don't really practice with, just shoot on match days.

Ended the night putting another 100rounds thru my Kahr CM9... just working on controlled pairs at 25yds on the papers. I am pleasently surprised, that this little gun is a pleasure to shoot, easy to control, and keeping pairs on the paper at 25yds, is not hard... in fact, making concentrated head shots is not that hard either with this little thing.

Fun Night...

Re: My Live Fire practice night...
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